About Us

Snibbu, #1 Crab meme on the blockchain. Made by a experienced team in Defi, is looking to take its rightful place amongst other “Blue-Chip” Meme coins. Through aggressive shilling and marketing campaign & a strong community, we’re going to Crab our way to the top. Snibbu belongs in Pepeverse storyline as one of most memable characters and Snibbu memes will put smile on holders face. We’re not in favor of the bears nor the bulls. Snibbu rules the market, controlling the bulls and the bears. It is the hero of defi we all need. Snibbu lives in the Ethereum blockchain. The center of all defi shenanigans. In here, Snibbu can build an army of fierce side walking crabs #SnibbuArmy. Snibbu has NO tax and liquidity pool is burnt, Snibbu lives forever.